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5 Filipino Caregivers Gets Closer To Claim $500k Award Over Wage Theft Case In California

Five Filipino caregivers in Vacaville, California was an inch closer to win almost $500, 000 award for their wage theft case.
The caregivers get closer to get their award of $483, 495 upon the dismissal order issued by the Solano County Superior Court against defendant’s appeal. The defendant was accused of not paying minimum wage and non-payment of overtime.
Jelly E., Louie V., Lourdes T., Diana G., and Dolores C. are the five caregivers who filed a case against the defendant Lynn Ventura. Judge Paul Beeman’s has dismissed Ventura;s appeal.
Richard Taguinod, the jubilant lawyer for the complainant-caregivers said that the caregivers heaved a sigh upon the court’s decision and they were already waiting for the award.
“But then since she (Ventura) did not assign any of her real estate properties or her care homes under her name, we cannot lien any real estate properties. What will happen is that we will file a writ of execution for levy of future income of the three care homes before the county sheriff,” explained by Taguinod quoted by Inquirer.
Taguinod also said that they could only get 25 percent o the monthly income of the care homes until the caregiver will be totally paid by the award.
The caregivers have worked in three various care homes including Aralynn at Vacaville, Aralynn at Peacock, and Aralynn at Red Pheasant. They worked even night shifts although they were not given overtime pay and not even receiving a minimum wage.
The Office of the Labor Commissioner of California Department of Industrial Relations Hearing Officer Stephen Franck has awarded the caregivers with an amount of $483, 495.54 for unpaid overtime, wages, and interest.

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