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10 Filipino Celebrities And Their Hollywood Look-a-Like.

Doppelganger is a German word means look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon. In modern times, the term twin stranger is occasionally used.

According to Joseph McInerney, executive vice president of the American Society of Human Genetics, that any two people taken at random are going to share about 99.5 percent of their gene sequence and the remaining half a percent, there are 16 million base pairs of DNA, which is where you get an enormous amount of individual variation—but thats still only a half a percent of an entire human being's genome and only one source of individual differences

Arthur Beaudet, M.D., a professor in the molecular and human genetics department at the Baylor College of Medicine said While extensive research hasnt been conducted on the topic,its possible that total strangers could share as much DNA as cousins

So it is really flattering to hear that you look like one of the famous celebrity especially one from Hollywood. But dont you know that Filipino celebrities actually have their doppelganger in Hollywood.

1. Walter Demesa and Joseph Gordon Levitt- Walter and Joseph actually have a strong resemblance from the shape of their face, nose and eyes. Both guys are gorgeous.

2. Agot Isidro and Julia Roberts- Both are pretty woman indeed. Facial features are truly the same.

3. Cesar Montano and Keanu Reeves- Cesar was once tagged as Keanu Reeves of the Philippines. Both are actions stars and are very much alike.

4. Donita Rose and Audrey Hepburn- Elegance and beauty that how best describe both Donita and Audrey. Since both of them are not from the same generation, it seems like Donita is the reincarnated soul of Audrey.

5. Sarah Lahbati and Angelina Jolie- Both women have striking beauty. From hair, nose especially their stunning lips are very much alike.

6. Bea Binene and Selena Gomez- young and pretty that how best describe Bea and Selena. These two could have been sisters. 

7. Georgina Wilson and Leighton Meester- Gossip girl Leighton and our very own Georgina actually share a very similar face shape. Not only that, both are also chic and fashionable.

8. Max Collins and Lana Del Ray- Max and Lana have a very strong similarity. From their eyes, cheekbones and the shape of their lips are truly the same.

9. Janine Gutierrez and Mila Kunis- Their big beautiful eyes make them look alike.

10. Pokwang and Lucy Liu- Their facial structure is very similar. Aside from that, their eyes, nose and hair are very much alike as well.

There you have it folks! Do you agree with these Filipino celebrities look alike?

Source: Her Beauty

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