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When life is accepted as it is and you see the wisdom in this, you will react to the changes of life in alignment with Universal Love, not because you want to, but because it’s the only thing in place.

Wisdom isn’t something that’s just bestowed upon a person, it takes a quietness from within to become aware of what is the most beneficial way to react to life occurrences and then taking that knowledge and making it the way your life is lived. To me wisdom is knowledge being brought into alignment with Universal Love so love doesn’t become the way you want to live your life, it becomes the way you naturally live your life. This doesn’t mean everything becomes perfect, it just allows for a solid direction that puts one in harmony with whatever arises. When this occurs and life does its thing, which is constant change, one remains anchored and doesn’t get emotionally controlled by the changes that occur; this is because our wisdom base has been firmly established. Life may never be perfectly as it is wanted, but alas it always is as it is. How can it not be? Whatever it is that’s occurring is perfection because it what’s happening, you may not like it, but that is not life’s imperfection, it’s yours.

When you understand the wisdom of non attachment, you can naturally be with life and all its changes. If you let these changes control you, your reaction to them will not be conducive to your well-being and you will suffer. Acceptance of change is an acceptance of peace. Non acceptance of change is the cause of so many of our dysfunctional emotional reactions and it’s knowing the wisdom of these differences that allows harmony with oneself. When life as it arises is accepted as it is and you see the wisdom of this acceptance, you will react to the changes that occur in life aligned with Universal Love, this doesn’t happen because you want it to, it happens because it’s the only thing in place.

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