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Watch out for these 8 types of discharge that might be a sign of medical issues.

Howdy girls! You have to listen to this!  Did you know that vaginal discharge plays a very important role in our body? We experience vaginal discharge in the course of our lives and for us it’s actually pretty normal since we’ve already gotten used to it. According to Web MD that vaginal discharge has a significant factor in our reproductive system, because fluid inside our cervix and vagina carries away bacteria and dead cells, as a result it keeps our vagina clean and prevent infection.

Aside from that, vaginal discharge also gives us signs of some health issues which urgently need medical attention. So it is necessary for us to learn those signs in order for us to address this issue properly.

Here are the list of signs that based on the kind of discharge we actually have:

1. Slippery and Clear- it is a sign of arousal and a natural lubricant as well. For those who are not planning to get pregnant it is a sign that you probably need some protection since because it means that you are now ovulating and your body is getting ready to get pregnant when fertilization occurs.

2. Thick and Foamy- If it is accompanied with itchiness, it is a possible sign of yeast infection. Over-the counter creams prescribed by doctors can cure this.

3. Yellowish green - it's an alarming sign due to infection. Most probably sexual transmitted disease (STD), such as: gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. See your doctor immediately because it is treatable once diagnosed early.

4. Bloody or brown - most of the time it is disturbing for us to see this kind of discharge because we often think that there's something wrong with us. But the fact is, it is actually a sign of implantation bleeding when pregnancy occurs.Therefore, consult your doctor for further evaluation.

5. Bad smell - If your discharge is like this, see your doctor is advised because it might be a sign of yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis or sometimes it might caused by sweat that trapped in the groin that causing bad smell.

6. Cloudy White - a normal discharge for some but if it accompanied with itch and sores it might be a sign of infection too. On the other hand,it is also a sign of early pregnancy.

7. Gray black - There might be foreign object stuck inside like tampon or tissue. It is therefore advised to seek help from your doctor.

8. Pinkish discharge - it is also another sign of implantation bleeding or indication of fresh blood that might be due to friction from intercourse. 

Now we have much better understanding of vaginal discharge. Self Awareness is very important so if you have noticed these signs it would be better to check and ask medical professionals for further evaluation. 


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