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VIRAL : Pinay OFW Was Forced By Her Arabian Employer To Perform Oral S3x or BJ!

It is now a debatable argument whether or not the Philippines should continue sending employees to the Middle East. Together with many Filipinos seeking for greener pastures abroad, comes the rise in cases of abuse and maltreatment they receive from their foreign employers. It is unfortunate that despite the perseverance of our Filipino people to provide better lives for their loved ones, there are instances where their own lives are at risk.
A case of an alleged sexual and domestic abuse was brought to the attention of TV program “BITAG” hosted by radio and TV hosts/journalists Ramon Tulfo and Erwin Tulfo. A Pinay Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) sought assistance after she allegedly suffered molestation from her Arab employer.
According to “Marjorie”, the victim, her male employer forced her to ‘stimulate him orally’. This has been a recurring incident for the duration she was staying at their house. She also shared that her employers force her to still do the household chores despite feeling very ill. She added that she heard her employers talking about selling her to others. Because of these different kinds of abuse, she decided to ask for help from the authorities.
The TV program tried to reach out to the agency that sent Marjorie to Kuwait but they only said that they already filed necessary reports for her case. Unsatisfied, the TV hosts then brought the case to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Watch the video to find out what happened.

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