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Transforming Energy of Love

If one’s energy is established from a base of quietness, then love becomes the energy emitted to others. This energy emitted is what makes love the base for others and this is how the energy of love changes the world.

What is established as a base throughout the day determines the direction of one’s energy, and the direction of one’s energy determines their state of being. Except for the times when there’s something that keeps one based in the present moment, most of one’s energy will be spent chasing some past moment or hoping for some future one to bring the things they desire. If one is to be engulfed by love, a needed base of quietness has to be established so the noise in our head doesn’t block it out.

A base which produces quietness needs to be established if love is be our operating energy. There are many bases in the world, but there aren’t many that equate to love. Find one that does, and as quietness is cultivated one’s energy pattern will shift dramatically, but the shift will only occur if the mind is quiet. It’s when the mind is quiet that love arises and the noise stops. Without noise there is an opening to one’s heart of love. If love’s energy is established, this will be the energy emitted to others and love will very likely become their energy. This is just the way the transforming energy of love works.

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