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Top 10 Celebrity Couples That Proved Age Doesn't Matter.

Many people say that Love moves in mysterious ways. What does "Love" really means? When we are truly engaged in receiving and giving love, we don't ponder such philosophical questions. 
Loving someone is like making the clock stop ticking. In Love, Age is just an issue of mind over matter. When you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Let us give you the list of celebrities prove that age is just a number: 
10. Billy and Coleen
AGE GAP: 10 years

Garcia, who is 10 years younger than Crawford, first admitted their relationship back in July 2014. The two have been together since, with Crawford openly saying that he is willing to marry his girlfriend.

And just recently, Billy proposed to Coleen Garcia in frotn of their closest friends. It was said that Billy prepared for the engagement for more than a year. 

Billy and Coleen met on Showtime and confirmed in 2014 that they were dating. The two went on vacation to Spain, where Billy said he met Coleen's family. 

9. John and Priscilla
AGE GAP: 11 years
The dashing John Estrada was married to Janice de Belen for 12 years and fathered the latter's four children, but the couples marriage couldn't last long owed to John's seemingly uncontrollable attraction to young, pretty women  

His affair with co-host Vanessa del Bianco didn't last, but John found Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles wife material, in addition to being young and pretty. 

Priscilla and John married in 2011 with the blessing of John's ex wife, Janice. Knowing how easily charmed her husband is by other girls, Priscilla said she lets John girl watch but with limits. 

8. Chiz and Heart 
AGE GAP: 15 years

Heart was 30 when she married Chiz, 45, in a lavish wedding in Balesin Island. This was the politician's second marriage and the young actress' first. The actress said she does not mind the age difference between her and the Senator. 

Heart had been in a relationship with several young actors in the past - All of them never got home base because of her family's discriminating taste. 

The Ongpaucos also showed contempt against the Senator and chose not to attend the couple's Island wedding. But with Chiz's political wits and charm, and Heart's persistence, the Ongpaucos gave in eventually. 

7. Robin and Mariel
AGE GAP: 15 years

Mariel was only 26 years old when she married co-host and lover boy Robin Padilla who was already 41 at that time, divorced and had four fully-grown kids. 

The couple met at the noontime Wowowee Show wherein Robin worked as temporary male host replacement to Willie Revillame for two weeks. 

Those two weeks became brief but meaningful time for Mariel and Robin, who ended up tying the knot shortly after dating for months. They now have a baby, Isabella after years of trying. 

6. Tony and Gretchen
AGE GAP: 20 years
The ever-glowing La Greta doesn't look her age even now that she's already 46. She's keen to maintain her looks and status, and she does this with support and help from business mogul Tony Boy Cojuangco.

She caught all of us by surprise when she gave birth to her daughter, Dominique. Afterwards, she finally came clean about secretly being in a relationship with Tony Boy Cojuangco.

The two started dating and began living together when the actress was still 23 years old. They still aren't married to this very day, but La Greta believes TonyBoy's love is enough. 

5. Hayden and Vicki
AGE GAP: 23 years

One of the most tumultuous May-December relationships in recent memory would be the one involving these two doctors who got together in 2005 and went on and off for the next 11 years. 

They've been together for 11 years which have been marked by trials but Vicki never abandoned Hayden (Hindi niya iniwan sa ere, as the expression aptly puts it) even during the darkest period in his life (if you know what that means)

They are now engaged and they already have a super adorable baby named Scarlet Snow Belo who is making waves on the internet right now. 

4. Gerald and Ai-Ai
AGE GAP: 23 years

Delas Alas first revealed her relationship with Sibayan back in September 2014, more than a year after she confirmed her divorce from businessman Jed Salang. Delas Alas married Salang in Las Vegas on April 2013, but separated after a month. 

The 2 met in De La Salle University where in Ai-Ai's son is studying and Gerald is taking up Sports Management. Ai Ai acted as the manager of the School's Badminton Team.

When asked if Delas Alas plans to marry Sibayan, the actress quickly replied No. She said she is contented with their status. The actress does not seem bothered by their age difference. 

3. Dolphy and Zsa Zsa
AGE GAP: 35 years

The Legendary King of Comedy, Dolphy, was as easily enthralled by women as any man. He fathered a total of 18 children with six various women, but the last woman to keep him company was the brilliant Diva, Zsa Zsa. 

Together they bore a daughter Zia, and adopted another, Nicole. The couple has been together for more than 20 years, but never married. 

Dolphy wistfully mentioned on file that when he met Zsa Zsa, he told himself right away that this was it: She's the last one. The Singer-Actress, who turned 52, is now happily in a relationship with in-demand Architect Conraad Onglao. 

2. Vic and Pauleen
AGE GAP: 35 years

It's weird that Vic was an fully grown man (41 years old) while Pauleen was all cute with a loose front tooth (7 years old) when these two first met at the set of noontime show Eat Bulaga during one of the little Miss Philippine Episodes.  

Fast Forward 20 years later, after Vic's several affairs with a host of other women and turned 62, and after Pauleen enjoyes decade-long hosting stint at Eat Bulaga and turned 27, they wed. 

Who would have thought that the adult host would someday fall for one of the little girl contestants many years later? Love and fate moves in mysterious ways. 

1. Freddie and Jovie
AGE GAP: 44 years

Regardless of what people, and even their own families say, these two are inseparable. They proved their love for each other in a Muslim wedding last November 2013. 

The couple gathered a lot of criticisms from Social Media especially from some Netizens when Aguilar announced that he has a teen girlfriend. Jovie Albao was 16 years old when she married the 60-year-old phenominal folk singer.

Jovi Albao stressed that she really love Aguilar no matter what, and old is he, and for her, she never care what others will tell on their relationship. Albao also added that she never aims for the wealth of Aguilar and his popularity. 

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We provided you this list to provide how these celebrities prove that when loving someone, AGE doesn't matter. If you are now by your 30's and still single, don't be frustrated. Your destiny is just around the corner, maybe she's just being born and will meet you in few years time.

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