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This Disrespectful Lady Mercilessly Made Fun Of This Old Helpless Woman By Making Her Pretend To Be A Hostage!

It is a part of our culture and traditions to honor older people at all times. In fact, the Filipinos are known for being polite and courteous as we use “po” and “opo” to address them. Their experience on Earth makes them worth all the recognition and respect we may offer.
In addition, we also consider the vulnerability of their health. Because of their old age, we cannot expect them to move and react quickly. That is also why we are being careful when engaging with them.
However, there are people who seemingly do not recognize these points and one of them is this lady who allegedly abused an old woman who was not in her healthy mental condition.
This viral post shared by Facebook page “President Duterte Trending News” showed a lady who made an old woman pretend to be her hostage. The poor old woman was helplessly tied to a tree while the lady used an improvised gun to point at her. The improvised gun was made of bamboo. According to the Facebook caption, the old woman was not mentally sound.
“Eto po yung mga babaeng walang awang pinagtripan ang matandang wala sa matinong pag-iisip! Grabe! hindi man lang naawa ang mga hinayupak na to sa matanda, pasikatin natin to mga ka-DDS para mabigyan ng leksyon pls. SHARE!”
Meanwhile, the series of photos also included another screenshot of a message claiming that the author was a relative of the old woman. The author asked for the public to share the post so the concerned authorities would notice it. the message also asked for any help that could be directed towards the old woman so this circumstance would not happen again. It also claimed that such abuse already happened twice.
The online users who saw the post expressed their negative reactions towards the lady who was involved in the scenario. A netizen even called the act as inhumane. They clamor for justice to be served to the helpless old woman.

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