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SHOCKING ! “Napaka Bata Pa Nila Para Maranasan Ang Ganitong Klaseng Buhay” Three Filipino Children Detained in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It is an ongoing tragedy that Filipinos must go to foreign countries just to provide for their families; that our country men must give their time and skill to foreign masters while enduring the heartbreak of a broken family. In even worse circumstances, OFW’s give so much just to be maltreated and humiliated abroad.
In the case of this story shared by Facebook page Matalinong Matsing, three Filipino children were left in an orphanage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as their parents, Eric Amparo and Maritess Amparo, were arrested and detained for unknown reasons. The status relates that they do not know the whole story behind the parents’ arrests nor the children’s plight but they are asking for help.
According to the people who found the children, they are being closely guarded and monitored and are discouraged from having their picture taken. Though seemingly unharmed, the children show signs of emotional distress. Understandably as no child should be put through a situation where they are kept away from family, especially in a foreign land.
The women who captured these videos and images had to do so in secret. The writer also express how her heart felt like it was being crushed as the youngest of the children did not want to let go at one point, as if he craved care and love. The oldest, being put in a uniquely precarious position, was trying her very best to comfort her siblings.
Because we cannot show the minors’ faces, we urge everyone to share not only this post but the original post as well, so that it may reach the proper authorities who may be able to help out this poor family. TNP is open to communicating with readers who can identify these children, or who may know any of their relations here in the Philippines.

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