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SHOCKING : “Bombahin na lang ninyo ang location ko sir!” Dying Soldier Sacrificed His Own Life By Requesting For His Location To Be Bombed After Being Cornered By Maute Terrorists!

A lot of soldiers have sacrificed their lives while battling the Maute terrorists who took over Marawi City this June. Many soldiers have been wounded while a few unfortunate ones have lost their lives trying to hunt down the insurgents. Recently, a story of a Filipino soldier went viral online due to the ultimate sacrifice he made.
Facebook fan page Sibugay Express, or SiBex, a local news outlet in Zamboanga Sibugay, shared the story of Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, a 24-year-old soldier who went into battle with the Maute group.
According to the story “A different kind of Bayot”, a team of nine private first class soldiers from the 51st Battalion was assigned at a barangay in Marawi City on the second day of the attack. They were dispatched to the area as the town mayor requested them to do so for the protection and security of the residents there.
Unfortunately, they were attacked by Maute terrorists in the area and private Bayot’s team was eventually ambushed. Five of his companions were immediately shot dead by some members of the terrorist group while another three were gravely injured and eventually died from blood loss. Only private Bayot was the last man standing at that moment.
Because of this, he decided to call his commanding officer to ask for reinforcement. However, no one came to rescue him.
Still, he never lost hope and decided to call the commander again after a few hours of waiting. Sadly, the commanding officer told private Bayot that he sent a backup team to rescue him who attempted to enter the vicinity twice but to no avail. According to the reinforcements, the entire area was surrounded by Maute terrorists who blocked the way so that no one could enter.
Bayot then realized that there is absolutely no chance for him to survive. He then made the decision to ask his commanding officer to bomb the area he was in, hoping that the terrorists would also get hit.
“Bombahin na lang ninyo ang location ko Sir!,” Bayot told his commander as he gave out his coordinates.
Four days later, his dead body, along with the body of his comrades, was retrieved by the army.
One of the people who retrieved his body was Sgt. Larry Bayot of the Division Reconnaissance Company of the 1st Infantry Division, the father of Prvt. Ryan Bayot. According to him, he didn’t see any bullet holes on the body of his son. Instead, he saw a deep bolo cut around his neck which means that the Maute terrorists attempted to behead him.
The family buried Prvt. Bayot at their home in Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay. President Rodrigo Duterte heard the news and visited the family. He honored Prvt. Bayot with a posthumous medal. He also gave the grieving family ₱250,000 and pledged to fund the education of any young surviving member of their family.
Despite this incident, the younger brother of Private Bayot still expressed the desire to join the AFP. Sgt. Bayot himself made the additional request to the commander-in-chief. However, the president asked him to let his son finish college first.
“No, not yet, he has to finish his college first, then after that maybe we can let him enter the army or even the police,” said Duterte.
As of writing, Prvt. Bayot’s younger brother will be off to college anytime soon.
Were you touched by the story of this brave soldier? What do you think the government should do to the soldiers who will survive the war? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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