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Notice how the same thoughts arise over and over and you just may be able to settle in a place where they aren’t in control. You may also realize these repetitive thoughts don’t really provide much of a benefit.

As long as you’re alive you will have thoughts so thoughts aren’t really about what happens as much as it’s about how much one relates their thoughts to what happens. This is where one’s conditioning steps in and determines the relation to the next thought. Thoughts can arise from love, or from aversion, but for most they teeter between the two. Very few go to the oomph degree of either one of these so the results for most are constantly teetering between the two. When one’s thoughts do hit the level of one of these, the results are contingent on how much one is conditioned; these thoughts are what manifest as the emotions that take you for a ride. If you have love as the main influence in your life, obviously your thoughts will be of love more than a person who has aversion as their influence.
This all arises from the individual, so if you’re able to notice the base of your thoughts, you may be able to alter your actions to a degree instead of relying on divine intervention, which will probably not occur. It will take practice to allow the mind to settle so the base of one’s thoughts can be noticed.

The real addictions in our society is to our thoughts and when I is the main subject, it makes one’s existence very irrational. Now multiply that by billions of people and hence you have the world we live in; billions of people constantly having thoughts about themselves strictly for their own personal gain. There’s no one to really blame for this, it just seems as though it arises from what’s in place. From the serial killer, to the person who does volunteer work, it’s the thoughts that causes our emotional twist and everything else in between. So sit often with the intention of developing the ability to notice how much your thoughts are stuck on I and you just may be able to settle in a place where the mind quiets and hopefully you’ll come to realize life isn’t really about anything, you just have thoughts that it is.

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