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Although it seems outside circumstances are the cause of one’s mind agitations, this is not the case. The agitations that arise are already in place, if they weren’t there’s no way they could arise.

You can only respond to the circumstances of life with what you have in place. Something like fear arises because it has been taught, this also goes for anger, greed, hate, and so on. I know for me most of my responses to the circumstances of life were from the core of”I”. Without this understanding, it kept me locked into a mind agitation and ignorant of the fact that the only reason this occurred was because it was already in place. Simply put, when there was a circumstance that occurred which I didn’t like, whether it was what someone said or did, or something that happened, a mind agitation arose without my permission or knowledge and because of “I” the response was accordingly. What arose was whatever my conditioning deemed appropriate and the only reason this happened was because it was already there; latent, laying in wait.

Understanding this is where knowledge has power. If why a mind agitation arises isn’t understood, there’ll be very little true periods where the agitations are not in control. Through awareness of what arises, one has something that can be seen to get beyond it. Why most people remain as they are and repeat the same responses over and over is because of the total unawareness of why it occurs. To me this knowledge has immense value because when it’s seen, not only can one decipher whether what’s in place is beneficial or not, but discipline can also be developed to change whatever conditioning is in place that’s causing non beneficial responses.

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