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Meet the "MINI BRUCE LEE" of Japan That Could Definitely Kick Your A*s

Men are now crazy about going to the gym and tone their muscles due to body image problem.

According to Psychology of  Men & Masculinity that there are about 20% to 40% of American men are striving with body image issues in some shape or form. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then, that a newer study has revealed such body image issues are the reason why men are obsessed hitting the gym these days.

So, while most of you guys are now busy doing your exercise routine to achieve 6 pack abs and bulging biceps, I want you to enter the mini dragon and meet mini “Ryusei Imai” the mini Bruce Lee of Japan.

Eat your heart out guys!!! This kid could put your body to shame.

This 7 year-old-kid is a real badass. At his young age he is now very skilled with martial arts, he copied Bruce Lee’s moves in his films since Ryusei watches a lot of his films. Their family living room turned into shrine dedicated to Bruce Lee.

His father began uploading his video showing off his martial art style and nun chuck routine when he was five years old and he became viral star since then. His father actually teaching him Kung-Fu with the help of Bruce Lee’s film.

Because of his amazing skill, he has already appeared in a Korean television program to exhibit what's he is capable of. He was shy at first because he can't speak Korean but it was not an obstacle to show off his martial art moves in front of the camera. He is now making his on way to stardom. 

We won't be surprised if one day, we will see him in a bigger screen watching the remake of Bruce Lee’s film “Enter The Dragon”. But as for now let’s just watch him on YouTube video. 

So guys I'm warning you! don't you dare bully this kid otherwise you’ll wake up in the hospital bed. 

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