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Know Your Personality By The Shape Of Your Fingers

Learning your personality is like knowing yourself and become the better person you could be.  Based from Knowing your personality type helps us in many ways, such as:

  1. Personal Growth- Understanding our personality can aid personal growth, achieve life-balance, self awareness and creative endeavors
  2. Relationship- You can accept the differences and make good judgment about other people
  3. Career- Know your personality is essential for career planning so that you would be able to choose a job that best suited you.

So  the question now can we know our personality type? Well, one good way to know it is by taking a personality test, there are some websites available to do it.

But, don’t you know that there's an interesting way to know our personality? Just by looking at your fingers and its shape you can determine your personality.

According to some data finger-personality test is very accurate.

The picture below will actually guide you to determine your personality.

If the shape of your finger is like “A”(Ring finger is longer than index finger), then it means:

  • Though your emotional person you still want others to think that you're strong, so you often hide your feelings and don't want to show your emotions.
  • You will be nice to anyone once you get along with them
  • You tend to show coldness to those people who are not close to you on the other hand, you really care for those you love.
  • Though you hate doing something, you will still try to finish the work you have started.
  • You love helping other people and you have such a big heart
  • You hate lies because you're honest and just.

If the shape of your finger is like “B” (Index finger longer than ring Finger) then it means:

  • You're a dreamer. Dreaming about someone who will understand and truly love you. You’ll be a loyal lover once you fall in-love
  • You are very determined person. If something comes to your mind and you think it’s right, then you will do it no matter what.
  • Very sensitive person but you seemed to be strong and independent.
  • When it comes on doing your task, you still stay calm
  • You're scared to get hurt by people you love.

If the shape of your finger is like “C” (Both ring and index finger are of same length then it means:

  • If something or someone is annoying you, you will just ignore it.
  • You don’t like trying new things since you hate challenges.
  • You don’t want to share you problems with other people. So, you just keep your feelings and troubles only for yourself.
  • You want other people put their trust in you and depend on you.
  • You don’t want to pretend to like something you actually don’t.
  • You’re a soft-hearted person and you can easily forgive others.

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