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Human-Sized Bullfrog: Optical Illusion Or Unfortunate Mutation?

Nature has surprised us with several instances, which are scientifically just impossible to believe. Get to know if this case in Texas is one of them.

A viral photo of a supposed 13-pound bullfrog circulated over Memorial Day weekend. Could this be true?

Giant bullfrog in Texas

According to the South Texas Hunting Association Facebook page, which was responsible for posting the photos, an outdoorsman came upon a 13-pound monster bullfrog in one of their local fishing ponds. The post has been shared 250,000 times and have since left netizens baffled.

Just an optical illusion

According to David Steen, an assistant research professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, the phenomenon could be explained simply. There is some optical deception involved in this case.

Looking into some known circumstances about the creature in question, let's talk about the American bullfrog. It can be noted that an ordinary American bullfrog usually grows to as big as over six inches in length and generally weighs just over two pounds.

Per an interview with Steve Lightfoot, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department spokesperson, he said to local news sources that the photographs were not in any way manipulated with any photo editing software. Instead, an optical illusion was used when the snap was taken.

Lightfoot added that the image is in reality, a the outcome of what is called “forced perspective.” Forced perspective happens when daily objects are made to look bigger than how they really are. 

He also said that it is possible that the bullfrog is actually attached to a long stick or pole, which is misleadingly close to the camera. This is how our brains was tricked into believing that the bullfrog is almost as big as the man carrying it.

Did you believe that the photo was real upon seeing it initially? Or did you straight away know it was just spun to confuse the human brain? Let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.

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