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If things aren’t done that put you in cooperation with life, it will be impossible to hear what life has to say. For this to change it’s imperative to learn about one’s own mind which will go a long way in allowing one to hear what life is saying.

Just observe how the mind justifies all that it does. It has never been trained to be still so it creates most of our problems just so it has something to do. It says to do something and turns around and questions why it was done. It should be treated as a separate entity as if it’s one’s enemy, because upon further review it will be seen that it is, but it’s not the mind that’s truly the enemy, it’s the way it has been conditioned, that’s the true enemy.

This conditioning blocks the true nature of the mind from arising. It’s only conditioned to be this way because of all the surrounding influences, but it is we ourselves (unconsciously) who put these habitual mind patterns in place. Learning about one’s own mind is a way to undo what we ourselves have done. This learning of one’s mind is not about the great secrets of the Universe becoming known, it’s more so about getting an understanding of why the things that are done don’t put one in cooperation to hear what life has to say. When this is understood, why one responds to things a certain things will be known, after all if one doesn’t do the things in their life that allow cooperation with it, one will never hear what life has to say.

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