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Without recognition of the habits that are formed, one is blindly controlled by them. They say jump and the only thing you can do is jump, and if you are really attached, you will ask how high.

If you want to understand your mind you will need to sit down and observe it. Whatever you think and ponder upon, that is what becomes the inclination of the mind and hence this is what becomes your habitual actions. If there is no sitting, there’s very little chance for the mind to settle so it can be observed. As a habit is formed it becomes second nature, there’s very little observation in this mind activated action. These habitual actions are different for everyone, but they are common at their root. They all arise in some way from the habit to seek pleasure. It matters little what one uses to fulfill this pleasure seeking habit and because there’s very little awareness of this, it’s in control of you. There needs to be an understanding that our actions become habitual and are conditioned by how we think. This is what determines whether our actions are wholesome (loving) or unwholesome (selfish). Simply put, loving actions should be cultivated so they become habitual.

If there isn’t any sitting to allow the mind to settle, an understanding of it will be difficult and so observing the habitual conditioned patterns will not be recognized. Without recognition of these habits, one is blindly controlled by them. They say jump and the only thing you can do is jump, and depending how attached you are, you may even ask how high. This is why we do things that aren’t in our best interest without hesitation. Without the ability to observe the thoughts that arise, one is like a puppet on a string. Sitting allows the mind to settle so there can be an observation of this and one by one the strings can be cut. If nothing is in place to allow this settling, the Conditioned Mind puppeteer will continue to control and you will blindly and without hesitation do things that aren’t in your best interest or what’s best for others.

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