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When a thought arises and it becomes a repetitive activity (habit), it’s not because one is diseased in some way, it’s because one is attached to a false self that thinks it needs the thing being used.

All habits begin mentally as a thought and at their core is a self that takes it to the physical level. Basically nothing is done that isn’t entangled with one’s construct of self in some way and this is especially true when it comes to forming a habit. Without this construct of self, no habit would or could be formed, but very very few people have the insight to see this. Most think the habit is the physical activity of whatever is used, but nothing is further from the truth. The habit is to a false self that has lack at its core. This false self creates lack and this causes the habit to be formed. If the way self is perceived wasn’t attached to, no habit would be formed. There’s no such thing as an addicted personality, there’s only a lack of understanding of how the self is held onto as a concept to form repetitive attached behavior trying to satisfy one’s self.

Without the attachment to self, no habit would or could be formed. Sit with this and see when a thought arises what makes it become a repetitive activity. There has to be a cause that makes one do something over and over without much thought. It’s not the reason society dictates it is, and it’s definitely not because one is diseased in some way. I abused drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and many other things and except for having a physical allergy to alcohol, the abuses were because of not understanding that all I was doing was trying to fill an inner lack that was created by attaching to a perceived sense of self that wasn’t true. I was living the lie of “I” which needs things constantly to fill its lack. One only thinks they need the things they use over and over, but if there wasn’t the perception of self, no habit would be formed because there would be nobody there to attach to the thought that something is needed that makes one the false self they think they are.

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