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Family Of This Woman Seeks Justice After She Was Invited To A Party And Was Poisoned By Her Friends!

Several people use social media to appeal for help. This is because social media is one huge cesspool of people with easy access to information and such. It used to be that people would appeal on televisions or radios but now, with the access of the internet, people are more likely to post online.
Such was the case that was uploaded by Facebook user Hazel Galos. According to her, her cousin got poisoned by the latter’s friends. Although she didn’t give out any further information, it was evident that she blamed her cousin’s friends for the untimely passing of the former. 
From the tarpaulin above, it was evident that Galos’s cousin was just a teenager – or even younger. There was no evidence that showed she was really poisoned and how her friends had attempted to do it but Galos believes they are the culprits behind her cousin’s death. She specifically appealed to Raffy Tulfo.
That was Galos’ cousin who was allegedly poisoned. One of the netizens commented that the girl had just turned 16-years-old. Although this couldn’t be verified, it was obvious that the girl was, as aforementioned, only a teenager.

This was another Facebook post that was uploaded by another user. According to her, almost one week has passed and yet, no other information was released about the girl’s death. Judging from her status, the deceased girl went out with her friends.

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