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Do you still have these phones? Read this and you might throw your cellphone away!

How important is Cellphones or Smartphones these days?

I believe we would say “very important”, as most of us can’t live without it. From students to professionals everybody is crazy about this handy gadget, the question is why?

The answer is so simple, because the power is in your reach with your smartphone and internet connection. Everything is just one click, one tap and one slide and you’re done. I remember 20 years ago, computer was already available back then but using it is not as convenient as smartphone these days.

With our smartphones we can check, write and send important documents with our e-mails, do our research work, shopping online, pay our bills, do our business and most of all we can stay connected and share our happy moments instantly with our families, friends and other people through the use of social media like facebook, twitter or instagram. Not only that, we are also stay informed  of the latest news. It’s a little gadget but can do an amazing work in our life.

So no wonder why we panic when we can’t find it and we even rush to find a charger or power bank if we ran out of battery. It seems like the world will stop if we don’t have it right?

But, don’t you know that that cell phones can give us cancer inducing radiation. There are two types of electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing ( high frequency & high energy ike x-ray s and cosmic rays) and Non- Ionizing (low frequency and low energy like radio frequency, power frequency etc.)

Cell phones send a form of non-ionizing radiation from their antennas. This transmittance is how wireless calls and WiFi connections happened, so our body tissues close to it immerse this energy.

Scientist discovered that the bone mineral density was decreased on the side of the pelvis where the cell was carried. In 2009, a study was published that measured the pelvic bone density in 150 men, all of whom wore their phones attached to their belt for 15 hours a day for about six years.

There there was another case, a woman who was not prone to cancer became afflicted with cancer. Her oncologist connected the pattern, the dots and the distribution of the cancerous cells, it actually outlined the shape of her cell phone. Then, the woman told her doctor that she usually tucked her cell phone into her bra.

The radiation escalate during active phone calls but the exposure continues long afterwards. A group of scientists now plead to the United Nations regarding with the research discoveries and they were asking extra initiatives to protect against EMF, electromagnetic field exposure.

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) made some guidelines to measure the radiation in tissue by using the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), they set a maximum for legal cell phone radiation at 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body mass. The thermal effect of phone radiation uses this test.

Here are the list of 10 worst Cell phones. The limit is 1.6, but some phones have come pretty close.

Motorola Droid Maxx – SAR 1.54
Motorola Droid Ultra – SAR 1.54
Motorola Moto E – SAR 1.5
Alcatel One Touch Evolve – SAR 1.49
Huawei Vitria – SAR 1.49
Kyocera Hydro Edge – SAR 1.48
Kyocera Kona – SAR 1.45
Kyocera Hydro XTRM – SAR 1.44
BlackBerry Z10 – SAR 1.42
BlackBerry Z30 – SAR 1.41
             (ZTE Source – SAR 1.41)
             (ZTE Warp 4G – SAR 1.41)

Here are some ways to protect yourself  from radiation:
1. Dump those harmful phones if you have one. Every time you use any of it you will get a higher amount of radiation than using other brands.

2. Children are more vulnerable to radiation than adults so have we have to keep them safe. Too much  use of cell phone can also cause social issues, hyperactivity, emotional problems and behavior difficulties.

3. Don’t carry your phone on your body. Keep it  away from your body as much as possible like in your pocket, bra, belt clip. If you are  not using it, keep your cell phone 6 inches from your body. This perimeter is the most dangerous zone from radiation.

4. Use a shielded headset or speaker.

5. Reduce usage. Even turning it to sleeping mode it still transmitting carcinogen energy.

6. Only use your phone with good reception. The dangerous waves can penetrate your body deeply when your connection is weak, because the weaker it is, the more power your phone is using.

Definitely, it is so hard to give up our cell phone due to its convenience and now becomes part of our daily lives but the least that we could do is to use them wisely to avoid too much exposure to radiation. Remember Health is more important than anything else.

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