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Do You Believe In True Love? This Couple Will Prove To You That True Love Really Exists!

Some love stories are not the typical ones like meeting for the first time in the hallways of the school or developing a crush on a mutual friend. Some are bound by challenges before blossoming into a beautiful tale—just like Lance and Ella’s.
Lance and Ella prove that no disability can hinder two hearts that live and breathe for each other. With Ella’s health condition that hinders her from climbing the stairs of the school. Her classes are usually held on the upper levels of the school building. But Lance carries her every day to take her to her classes on time.
“Si Lance, kahit na sobrang busy nya sa school, sa bahay nila, gumagawa sya ng paraan para makapunta dito sa school nang mas maaga kesa kay Ella para itulak [‘yong wheelchair ni] si Ella,” Jamaica Gabriel, Ella’s friend, told Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS).
Ella had this physical condition since birth. She shared that before she doubted that she would find true love because of her disability.
“’Yong ganitong condition ko, mahirap talagang may mag-stick na lalaki kasi tulak doon, tulak dito, tapos buhat doon, buhat dito,” Ella said.
But her doubts faded when she met Lance.
“First time ko syang nakita sa klase po namin sa Philosophy. Total strangers po kaming dalawa,” Lance shared.
Ella then said that Lance smiled at her during their first meet.
“Maganda ho sya eh. Iniisip kasi ng mga tao na mabigat physically, pero kung iisipin mo mas matimbang pa rin naman yung emotionally kumpara sa physical po na aspect,” Lance said.
“Iba po yung happiness ko kapag sya yung kasama ko,” he added.
However, their parents were not in favor of their relationship at first, especially Lance’s mother who’s working in Thailand.
Dewi Fernandez, Lance’s mom, shared that she didn’t her blessing beforehand because she thought her son would have a hard time dealing with Ella’s condition. It even came to a point that she stopped sending money to Lance to force him into splitting up with Ella.
But Lance did the opposite. Instead, he showed how much he loves Ella. He took a part-time job to support himself with his daily expenses and school fees. On the third week of May, a video of them went viral online. Dewi saw it and it became a way for her to accept and understand their relationship. Ella’s parents also gave their blessing as well.
In a video call, Dewi apologized to Ella and told her how her son loves her dearly.
“Ella, I’m sorry. Alam ko naman na mahal na mahal ka ng anak ko. Tsaka deserve mo namang mahalin ka. Pinagsalitaan kita ng hindi magaganda pero nandon pa rin yung paggalang mo sa’kin,” Dewi said.
Lance and Ella then expressed their gratefulness to Dewi for learning to accept their relationship. Ella also claimed that she’s overwhelmed and flattered by everything. She also said that what happened were in the perfect timing of God.
Were you inspired by their love story? Do you know any couple of the same situation? Share them with us in the comments field below!

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