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Loving is the way one reacts to others when their own life is based in love. This doesn’t mean others will return the favor, but the more you love, the less you will react to others in non loving ways.

It’s so easy to feel connected to others when they do what you think they should be doing, but how connected do you feel when they don’t? Our connection to others should never waver regardless of how they respond, but because of our Conditioned Mind, most people have a tendency to think they’re more connected when others are doing what they want. Our connection to others shouldn’t be contingent on the way they act because this will make our unity very unstable. To be controlled by the behavior of others is to be controlled by your own conditioning, which makes one react as if they are a puppet on a string. This can only occur if we ourselves unconsciously allow it; no one would consciously allow this control. If one is conditioned differently the reactions to others would be different.

One way to break the hold of being a puppet on a string is to become aware if the way you react to others is beneficial or not. When there’s awareness of this, it’s your obligation to cultivate it so you can be a benefit to others, but if our reactions aren’t a benefit to others, it’s up to you to change it. Reacting a certain way will not change just because you want it to and although many people have an inkling their reactions aren’t much of a benefit to anyone even themselves, they still react the same. Why do you think this is? It has to do with what conditioning is at the core of our being, if love isn’t at our core, our reactions will be hard pressed to be of love. When there’s awareness of this, there’s a certain responsibility because it’s love that changes the world. With this awareness, there’s an obligation to cultivate love so it’s at the core of our reactions. When this is done, one becomes the change this world so desperately needs because all one can do is love. It’s fairly simple, if love is in place, one’s reactions to others will be of love, if it isn’t, one’s reactions to others will be based to satisfy self, and simply put that benefits no one, not even yourself.

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