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Are you Constipated? You may not be aware you have this kind of disease. Read full story here!

Constipation should never be the way of life. Often times, people ignore it and becomes habitual for others. Constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass, stool is usually hard and dry.

There are several negative effect of constipation like stress-related issue and it seriously affects cardiovascular, endocrine and immune system. Prolonged constipation can lead to serious medical problem if left untreated.

So how much more if you have been constipated for years? Yes you’ve heard it right for years.

A 22-year- old unnamed patient in China is thought to have a rare medical condition Hirschsprung’s disease (HD) that left him constipated for years. This condition means that the nerves that control the bowel and help them to squeeze and relax to push stool is missing.

The patient treated at 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai in eastern China. According to Dr. Lu, he was shocked by the size of the patient abdomen and it seemed like it could explode anytime. His abdomen was swelling and it looked like he was pregnant. It was also reported that he only relied on laxatives and other medicines for constipation to force his bowel movement for years.

It was said that the young man was in pain living with his condition that he finally asked for medical help. The tests results confirmed that the patient had months if not years worth of faeces stucked in his colon.

A team of medical experts led by Dr. Lu performed a surgical procedure to ease his pain.
It was a three hours operation to have 30 inches of large intestine removed. Doctors even stitched it closed to prevent his stool from falling out.

The large intestine weight at about 13 kilograms or two stones. Dr. Lu reported that young man is stable and and expected full recovery after his surgery.

Hirschsprung’s disease (HD) affects about one in every 5,000 births. So it is important to diagnose babies and children the cause of severe constipation because it can lead to dangerous bowel infection called Enterocolitis. Early detection and treatment can prevent further complications.

Source: thesunco

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