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6 Foods that can be Harmful to your Health when reheated them in microwave. Find out here!

Mommies always want to prepare delicious meal for their family and most likely they preferred serving it hot because hot foods are tastier than ever.
That’s why whenever they want to make something quick and easy or  reheat leftover foods,  microwave saves their day.

Microwave is mom’s best friend because it saves cooking time, consume less electricity and it is easy to use. On top of that, microwave cooking doesn’t need supervision, all you have to do is  just place the food, set the time, stir in between if necessary and remove once it’s done. You will be relaxed while cooking.

Despite of all these benefits, there are also dangerous risks in  reheating certain types of foods in the microwave.

Here are the list that you should be avoided:

1. Breast milk - most working moms freeze and store their breast milk for later use, that’s good because breast milk is still best for babies, but don’t reheat the bottle in the microwave. There is a carcinogen hazard that comes from reheating plastic. It would be recommended that breastmilk be thawed and reheated in a pot on the stove or using hot tap water.

2. Rice - we are not really aware that reheating rice in the microwave can sometimes lead to food poisoning based from the Food Standards Agency. According to the study in the International Journal of Food Microbiology that rice has the presence of a high resistant bacteria called Bacillus Cereus, this bacteria is killed once heated but it can produce spores that are toxic and surprisingly heat resistant. As a result, rice that comes out of the microwave and is left out at room temperature, spores can multiply and cause food poisoning.

3. Green Leafy veggies - Studies shows that celery, kale, or spinach when reheated in microwave the natural nitrate may convert to nitrosamines which can be carcinogen, same way with beets and turnips. if you want to reheat them use the conventional oven instead.

4. Hard-boiled eggs- When hard-boiled eggs is cooked in a microwave whether shelled or unshelled. The moisture creates an extreme steam build up inside, like a pressure cooker to the point the egg could explode. It can be exploded anytime even after it was reheated, in your hands, plate or in your mouth. So it is recommended to cut it into small pieces before reheating

5. Chicken - There are certain bacteria-prone foods and they have higher risk of causing sickness just like chicken which is at risk of salmonella contamination. Microwave don't fully evenly cooked all part of the meat, so it is possible that bacterial cells survive.If you want to eat chicken make sure it is thoroughly cooked to get rid all present bacteria such as salmonella.

6. Processed meat -  To extend processed meat lives preservatives and chemicals are needed. Heating them in a microwave is a big NO because according to Journal of Agricultural and food chemistry, we might be exposed to chemical changes like oxidized cholesterol in the process, so microwaving processed foods make these chemicals and preservatives worse in your health.

So for mommies out there, it is really up to you if microwave oven is truly mom’s best friend. 
Just make it sure that health is your first priority and try to avoid microwaving the foods mentioned above. Happy tummy to all of us!!!

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