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10 Jobs That Cause You Unbelievable Weight Gain

According to the study published in the Lancet on May 29, the rates of overweight among adults  have increased for both men (from 29% to 37%) and women (from 30% to 38%). In developed countries, men had higher rates of overweight and obesity, while women in developing countries exhibited higher rates. Also in developed countries, the peak of obesity rates is moving to younger ages.

The increase of of global obesity rates for the last three decades has been significant and widespread these days.

There are many factors that lead to weight gain such as genetic, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle, inactivity and so on…

But an interesting fact shows that your job is often the reason of your weight gain. Why?
Here are the factors:
1. Stress - probably due to workload or unpleasant working environment or co-workers as a result you you crave for sweets, oily and salty food because they are comforting
2. Inactivity -  more of than not your work requires you to sit down for hours
3. Sleep - according to research a woman who only slept for 5 hours  gained more weight than those who slept an average of 7 hours.

Here are the list of jobs that are likely to gain weight. 
Lab Technician - working in a fast paced environment such as hospital. It can be stressful because they usually work under pressure.

Bank Tellers - In order to carry out Bank Teller's duties effectively, one must possess stress intolerance abilities. At the end of their day shift, they have to balance the currency, cash and checks in the cash drawer. In between their working hours is the temptation of eating large amount of calories. They will again sit to work that risk them for gaining weight.

Nurse - They work in shifting schedules and sometimes works double shift that leaves the sleepless for many hours. Not only that, working environment are also stressful because they have to take care sick and dying patients. In addition, nurses consume chocolates for a sugar rush in need of keeping them awake and up for the whole shift.

Office Administrator - More often than not this job requires you to sit for a long time which gives you limited amount of physical activity.

Event Coordinator - You have to deal with a lot of stress to satisfy your clients demands and make sure  everything goes as planned.

Bus or Taxi driver - They spend most of the time sitting and they not only work during the day, they even work during the night.

Reservation Agent/ Front desk officer - Most of them works in the hotel. They are trying to please and talk to unpleasant or sometimes rude clients and still be nice and friendly with them.

Night Shift Custodian - Night shift schedule definitely get poor quality of sleep. On top of that being a custodian is hard work with multiple responsibilities which also give a lot of stress.

Teacher - They have to make lesson plans and grade papers at home, meet with parents,and leave small room for physical activity. These tasks can be really stressful.

Customer Service Representatives - Each client has a unique case and agents have to work long hours, call services, and advocate for their clients to give them the help they need.

In whatever job you may have, getting an ideal weight is easy to achieve as long as you know how to balance your life, stay positive, be active, eat healthy and give time to relax and rest.

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