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WATCH : Foreigner Lures Women on Facebook To Pay Money in Exchange of Marriage!

Facebook is a great medium for communication over the world. Some real-life lovers actually started getting to know each other through Facebook. We cannot deny the fact that many Filipinas also try to find their perfect match through the site. However, in search of their luck, some of them ended up being scammed.
Lots of Filipinas were victimized by an Albert Benton from United Kingdom. Benton goes by different names on Facebook to hide his real identity. What he did was talk to different Filipinas and make up a story that he needed help to claim his inheritance from his deceased father. Then he will ask money from his victim and promise that they will marry after that.


The case is still under investigation. The police are having a hard time finding the suspect as different names were used in Facebook.
To all the women in Facebook, make sure to be mindful of who you add and entertain as friend. Be especially careful with foreigners as you do not know which account is real or not. Also, it would be better if you have a mutual friend before entertaining a person.
Source: Kwentongofwqq

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