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WARNING: Flesh Eating Bacteria Carried by Mosquitoes

Daintree ulcer, Buruli ulcer or also known as "Flesh eating bacteria" is a mycobacterial infection. It is ranked third in the most common infection after leprosy and tuberculosis.
Contact with the bacteria does not cause any serious problem at first. But over period of months, it can lead to a more damaging skin ulcer.
This infection can cause swelling in affected area but you cannot feel anything or this can be painless. When the wound is not treated right away, the wound may grow large and the ulcer is wide than the surface of the skin.
It usually affects the arms and/or the legs, also it can infect the bones. If this is left untreated, it can cause your doctor to do a limb amputation or disfigurement surgery.
This a frightening condition due to the fact that this is carried by mosquitoes. Yes! you read that right. Dengue and malaria are not the only thing that transmitted by this insect. This is common in tropical and subtropical countries in the world.
Treatment to Daintree ulcer can be antibiotics for eight weeks or it include cutting out the ulcer but this is performed in worst cases. Dr. Christina Steffen a Vascular Surgeon in Queensland Australia treated worst cases of Daintree ulcer, she said that the surgery of removing the ulcer from your flesh may result in substantial loss of tissue in patients affected area.
How can you protect yourself?
  • If mosquito are the culprit, then minimizing in going to places where insects are active.
  • Use insect repellents lotions
  • Avoid water or soil around the region that mosquitoes has known active especially if your have wound or abrasion.


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