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VIRAL: Vice Ganda And Vhong Navarro Were Shocked By This 'Tawag Ng Tanghalan Kids' Contestant’s Jokes!

The Kapamilya noontime show 'It's Showtime has gone far to bring happiness and laughter to their viewers and fans. It entertains numerous people particularly the regular viewers and studio crowds because of their jokes, antics and hard punchlines of the showtime host.Presently that many viewers and fans watch the show daily seemingly uses the punchlines, jokes, and antics of the host comedian of the show and even attacking their personal lives and outside appearance during the show that makes the viewers and crowds laughed and entertained. Because of this scenario in the show, it makes them be closed enough with their friendship that took for many years and has become very strong to have fun with each other without hurting their feelings.

On the other hand, this video is the reverse of the scenario that the contestant of the segment of the It's Showtime 'Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids'bombarded the showtime host a punchline to Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro. This joke seems very hard punchline to the show host that shocked both of them. The kid contestant throws a hard joke saying that Vhong Navarro is the resemblance of comedian Bentong and Vice Ganda is the resemblance of a horse.

The host found their match for the jokes and punchline they threw from the recent contestant on the show. It good to know that seems the two host are comedians and it is a part of their job in the show they have no hurt feeling but they like only to makes the crowds and viewers be happy, laugh and entertained. Kindly watch the video below to see how the host Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro were shocked by the joke of the Tawag ng Tanghalan Kid's contestant.

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