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VIRAL: Italian Couple Hindi Natanggal sa Pagtatalik sa Gitna ng Dagat

If you think they headed there to swim, then you are wrong. They couldn’t help but make l0ve in this beach in Porto San Giorgo, Italy. It may have been fun for them, as people can only see them as a l0vely couple kissing in the sea, but underneath, something horrible happened that made them end their session.

Making l0ve should be done in bed or in private places. However, there are cases wherein couples couldn’t wait and decide to simply do the deed in any public place. There are some, however, who have been caught on cam. But that is not the worst thing in the following story.

Unexpectedly, the guy could not disengage himself from his girlfriend. The couple stayed that way until a woman gave them a towel so they can cover up and walk to the shore. Though a doctor was called and came to the rescue, he, as well, could not separate the l0vers so the two were immediately sent to the nearest hospital.

As per the doctors, what happened to them was a rare case of  p*nis captivus. wherein v*gina muscles clamp down firmly on the p*nis.

“When the p*nis is in the v*gina it becomes increasingly engorged. The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at org*sm. While those muscles contract the p*nis becomes stuck and further engorged,” UK-based s*xual physical Dr John Dean  said. The two were separated after the woman got an injection that distends the uterus.

This should be a lesson that l0ve making should be done privately and we should be precautious as well when making l0ve with our partners.


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