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The mind just loves to make a problem out of what happens in life and until this is seen, it will continue to do so even though nothing is inherently a problem until it’s made into one.

Problems are made by a mind that doesn’t accept what’s occurring right now. It wants what’s happening now to be different and it actually makes you believe if it were different, life would be better; this is the lie of the Conditioned Mind. All is well right now, but because of the conditioning in place, it’s not seen so the mind has to make a problem to have something to do. I always had a tendency to make everything that occurred in my life a problem and although I don’t do this as I once did, there are still times when the initial reaction of wanting to make a problem arises.

It’s like being a minor league baseball player who can’t hit a curve ball, until it’s learned, which may not happen, to hit a curve ball, they will remain in the minors. They will still be playing baseball, but there won’t be contentment because they’re only at the minor league level. Think of life in the same context, there are many curve balls thrown. If one doesn’t learn to deal with them, remaining in the Conditioned Mind minor leagues will be where you live from. You will still be in the game just because you are alive, but you will be stuck in the minors as the curve balls will be a problem because it’s not known how to hit them. And as with any scouting report if you have trouble with the curve, the curve is what you will constantly see. The fact of the matter is this, you will only be discontented that you can’t hit the curve if you want to hit it, when you realize you are in the game for the love of it, not hitting a curve won’t really matter because it isn’t be made into a problem.

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