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SHOCKING :In 5 Years, This Man Transformed From Being Homeless To An Owner Of A Fruit Juice Empire!

An owner of a juice bar chain proved that there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. The 46-year-old Khalil Rafati shared his incredible journey towards being a multi-millionaire through his book “I Forgot To Die”.
Khalil is the owner of SunLife Organics, a successful juice bar chain. According to him, before this huge success in his life, he was a homeless guy and his life was shattered after he tried drugs 13 years ago. He lost weight and was only 48 kilograms at his lowest point.
A friend of Khalil’s offered assistance and motivated him to get his hopes up and regain his will to live by putting up a natural juice business. This marked the start of a better life for him.
Riviera Recovery Center became his doorway to getting his life back as he started to create organic juices for the patients and the staff there. The center also became his sanctuary as through them, he was able to learn more about healthier living.
The chain of juice bars that Khalil managed were established in Malibu after five years. It was under the name SunLife Organics which became famous for catering healthy beverages to the public.
The drinks he was making were out of the alkaline water, Himalayan pink salt, and dandelion greens. Needless to say, everyone in Malibu loved this idea. Hollywood Celebrities even became his loyal customers.
Khalil is also a great boss beloved by all of his employees. Among his staff members are many people who — like he once was — were in need of a serious helping hand.
Khalil remains committed to the mission which once inspired him to get up on his knees. Faith in humanity restored through this once homeless man!
Were you inspired by the story of Khalil? Tell us the other success stories you think are worth sharing in the comment boxes below!

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