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SHOCKING: Arestado ang madre sa pagtulong ng pari na molestiyahin ang mga binging bata

In Argentina a Japanese 42-year-old nun Kosaka Kumiko was arrested for helping five Catholic priests to molest a total of twelve children inside the bathrooms, garden, Lujan de Cuyo’s basement and in dormitories.
According to the report of Daily Mail, some of the children have confessed that they were raped repeatedly and they were always convinced that they will just play a game and then they will be forcedly abuse inside a bathroom.
However, Kumiko has denied the allegation towards her, stating that she is innocent about the issue, but authorities were shocked when one of the teenagers has mentioned that Kumiko asked her to wear a diaper to cover up the hemorrhage caused by the abusive rape repeatedly.
The Worst Part?
Some students revealed that these priests are raping them beside the Virgin Mary for countless times.
After authorities arrested Kumiko and five priests, they have discovered pornographic magazines and money amounting to $34,000.00 inside the room of one of the priests.


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