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Seven million viewers na nakapanood ng video.The Real Reason Why is THIS!

Thailand is one of the many places on earth with an extremely rich culture. That, as well as home to a ton of stunning traveler goals, tasty sustenance, and wonderful individuals.

Come to consider it, a blend of scrumptious nourishment and wonderful individuals is not under any condition unprecedented in Thailand.
Truth be told, a Thai model as of late posted a video of herself while really busy throwing together a customary Thai dish.
Narumon Yasachai’s video picked up no less than 7 million perspectives when she transferred it on her Facebook account.
In the video, she is making ready her fiery somtam – a customary Thai green serving of mixed greens with papaya as its fundamental fixing.
Be that as it may, what truly made individuals watch the video is not simply the papaya utilized as a part of the serving of mixed greens but rather what the netizens allude to as the “model’s twin papayas”. In the event that you watch the 27-second clasp, you’ll see the model wearing short shorts and a noteworthy tank beat which parades her front resource.
The cameraman appeared to realize that the serving of mixed greens isn’t the primary dish here as well as he is for the most part concentrating on the model’s trunk and not on the nourishment. Investigate it yourself:
As usual, a lot of netizens cracked papaya jokes on the video.
“They’re watcing the other papayas (yes it’s plural) I guess…”
-Kolibri Jkt
“I m here for the papaya salads, the fuck where are they.”
-Yu-Hsien Huang
“I like somtam and not-too-big twin papaya”
-Brahm Udumbara Pendit
“Papayas salad are so hot”
-Russell Silich
“She has very nice Papayas indeed!!”
-Wilson Yap
The model admits having surgery to make her chest look the way they are.
Facebook user Sutthiworrakarn commented, “I want my fake boobs to turn out this beautiful. I don’t know if she had a boob job, but they look nice.”
The model then kindly responded by saying “Yes, I’ve had a boob job.”
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