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Php 50.00 challenge kumita ang dalaga in just 5 months.Ito ang kanyang sekreto

A young girl is currently trending online after she shared her secret to achieving almost Php 50,000 in just five months. Year after year, different variations of money challenges surface all over the internet but this one-of-a-kind strategy is a proof that with discipline and control, you can really reach your goals!
Saving money is one thing Filipinos find it hard to do. We are born givers, we are a culture of gallant ancestry. We tend to be so compassionate that whatever we have, we give them all out to our visitors. Our families are closely-knit so we make sure that our relatives are in good condition.
However, this young girl exemplifies how it to be a smart saver is. According to her, what we need is discipline – knowing our needs and wants, depriving ourselves of wants and only buy for the things we really need. What she categorized as wants are the latest shoes, gadgets and concert tickets while the needs are the basics of daily living like food and fare.
Yona Abella, from Tondo, is currently trending after discovering an effective saving technique – the 50 peso challenge. She narrated how she was able to save a total of 846 pieces of Php 50 after five months. She posted her technique aiming to help those people who are having a hard time when it comes to savings – she wanted to inspire and not to brag.
According to her, she calls this the “50 pesos challenge” – the mechanics is that she will always keep every 50-peso bill that she gets as change from her fare or from her meals. First, she had set a date on when she her challenge will end. She said that the key to this is discipline and not to get tempted to get from the money bank before your set date.
She also explained a bit about her principle of wants and needs. She stressed on the fact that we are not getting any younger so we really need to save for our future, especially because as we grow older, our responsibilities get bigger, too.
On her post, she said she was able to collect 846 pieces of Php50 bills and all of these – she treat as “invisible” so she won’t be using it for useless things. She ended her post with the saying: “Kung gusto, madaming paraan. Kapag ayaw, madaming dahilan.”
She hoped to motivate everyone and thanked the people who read her post. She also wishes for everyone who saw her post to replicate what she did and encouraged them that the technique will surely work.
Do you think her saving method is definitely effective? Can you do the challenge on your own? Share us your comments – do you have your own way to save money?


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