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Pagbabago ng isang ugly duckling na babae nakakuha ng atensiyon ng isang mayamang lalaki

Kouk is a 22-year old Vietnamese woman was bullied for being an ‘ugly duckling’. She didn’t have many friends.

“If I marry her, I will lose my appetite.” This is what Kouk heard from a guy she met in a match-making event. Her life had been lonely. She didn’t want to be around too many people because of the discrimination she was experiencing.
However, one day, Kouk got tired of being mocked by the community around her and decided to take the courage of changing the way people think about her. Using her $14,000, she underwent surgery and changed her whole look. From being an ugly duckling, she turned into a gorgeous swan. The shy Kouk became a confident lady.
The transformation itself is revenge to those who bullied her before, but the story did not end on that. Kouk married a rich man. This man is the heir of a wealthy family and he just received his inheritance from his family’s will. Kouk definitely gave her tormentors a sweet revenge, and now, many envy her for the life she is having now.
“Be careful who you bully”. Well, that proves to be true in this case!


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