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Napagkamalang boyfriend niya ang kanyang sariling anak.Ito ang sekreto ng 49 na gulang na ina

Ladies often want to remain young-looking. They try different methods just to stay youthful. Often, they use cosmetic products to maintain their visage. For the more desperate ones, cosmetic surgery is an option. This Chinese mother who does not spend anything on cosmetic products or surgery puts them all to shame because she looks half her age.
49-year-old Liu Yelin is making waves online after netizens noticed her stunning looks. This mother based in China unbelievably looks half her age! Simply put, she has the body of a woman who is in her mid-twenties. Moreover, her face barely has any wrinkles or other signs of aging. Her whole body is well-toned and undeniably fit. You will really not believe that she is already the mother of a 22-year-old boy. In fact, many people mistook her for being her own son’s girlfriend!

Because of her amazingly youthful appearance, many curious women are asking her what her secret to looking good is. Although it seems as if Liu has some kind of magic potion which helps her maintain her looks, the truth is actually quite simple. Her secret? Three decades of regular full body exercise.
Liu has reportedly been maintaining a strict exercise regimen for 30 years. Among her favorite physical activities is outdoor swimming.
“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day,” Liu said.

She mentioned that she has already swam across the Yang Tse River in China and Han River in South Korea. She was also able to swim from Penang Malaysia to Strait of Malacca in just 4 hours.

Aside from proving that it really is possible to look half of your age, Liu was also able to show that one does not need to spend a lot of money to achieve your desired looks. Regular exercise and discipline make a huge difference.


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