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Nahaharap sa sampung taon na pagkabilanggo ang isang hot mama sa panggagahasa sa kaibigan ng kanyang batang anak

Talking about r*pe, most people would end up thinking that the female is the victim. Most of us tend to think that the predator is always the male while the female is always the victim.
But then, this doesn't happen all the time because there are instances wherein the female are the ones who are taking advantage of young boys.
One example of this is the 39-year-old woman whose last name was Chen. She's facing up to 10 years of jail time after she forced a 13-year-old boy to do IT with her.
Chen, a single mother, became friends with the young boy when she fetches her 12-year-old son from his Taekwondo class.
Reports stated that the incident happened when the boy left their house and went to Chen's place after he had a fight with his family.
While he was at Chen's house, he was forced to watch an adult film and Chen forced him to have s*x with her for 30 minutes. She reportedly pushed him in bed and forced him to take off his clothes.
She shocked everyone when she told the media that the same thing will happen again in the future and that she was aroused when the young boy refused to give in to her demands.


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