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Nagulat Si Vice Ng Malaman Niya Ang Tunay Na Pagkatao Sa Koreano Pagkatapos Niya Itong Pagtawanan

We can't deny the fact that Vice Ganda is one of the reasons why it's fun to watch It's Showtime. He's k nown for his jokes and punchlines.

Vice Ganda also loves to make fun of the foreign nationals who visit and watch their show. The fun starts when Vice Ganda notices something weird towards the foreigner.

Recently, Vice Ganda shocked the netizens after he made fun of a Korean National on It's Showtime.  He noticed that theKorean has a weird hairstyle and so Vice Ganda started to make fun of his hair.

"Ang taray ng bangs ni kuya parang pinrotractor oh,” Vice said while laughing

Vhong Navarro then told him that he's actually making fun of the manager of Sandara Park. After he found out about that, he backed off, changed his mind and just complimented the man's hair saying that he liked it since he already had the same bangs back then.

Ryan then confimed that hte man was the big boss of YG Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company that handles Korean stars.

“I love your hair. It is very immeasurable,” he joked. 

Ryan then told Vice that the Korean is single and that maybe he's Vice's true love.

“You’re single? I’m single. let’s be together and fix our hair,” the comedian mentioned. 


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