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The Maute group is one of several armed organizations in Mindanao which have pledged loyalty to ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria. It was year 2013 when the military first encountered the Maute group while they were having checkpoint operation and where attacked in Mandalum town, Lanao del Sur. Butig, is the headquarters of the Maute group which is also a stronghold of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and both groups are tied by blood or marriage. Maute group is one of several Muslim gangs in Mindanao, the ancestral homeland of the Muslim minority in the largely catholic Philippines. It also goes by the name of Islamic State in Lanao , an armed Islamist group composed of former MILF Guerrillas. Maute group was formed by the Maute Family led by brothers Omar and Abdullah Maute. The Maute group is thought to have 100 members and were supplied with equipments by a foreign terrorists. The said group is believed to have connections with Jemaah Islamiyah(a south east Asian militant group) after they raided the detachment of the 51st Infantry Battallion of the Philippine Army. Three members of the Maute group were arrested after accused of carrying out the September bombing where it killed 15 people and injured more the 70 people at a night market occurred in Davao City. The three men were TJ Tagadaya Macabalang, Wendel Apostol Facturan and Musali Mustapha. The Maute group is also said to be actively recruiting minors for service as child warriors and using the non-passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law as propaganda. In April 2016, Maute group also abducted 6 sawill workers owned by Haja Anisa Gunda in Purok4, Barangay Sandab around 11 a.m and were brought near the MILF Darul Iman. Maute group also sprung 30 Inmates following an attack on a jail compound at Southern City of Marawi last August 2016.

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