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There will only be peace when there’s acceptance of things being as perfect when they are in disarray as when they are exactly as one wants them; this sums up the path to liberation.

In order to experience liberation there has to be as much comfort in a diseased body and mind as there is in one that’s healthy. This actually goes for everything because it’s in wanting things a certain way and them not being accepted when they’re not, that causes one to have uneasiness. This is the epitome of the Conditioned Mind, it creates all the uneasiness in one’s life by making up the lie that things need to be different. By all means change what can be changed, but if it’s only an outer change, it still won’t bring the comfort that’s sought. This is where the value of going inward comes in. I write guidelines, but I don’t have answers for others, mostly because I don’t know really know what someone else has gone through. My writings are pointers, the most important thing to see is how life is always as it is and only wanting it different is where uneasiness arise from. Check this for yourself.

I find the good, the bad, and the ugly, all need to be accepted the same, this is a truth in my life so it’s why I share it. If one doesn’t see this, it doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means you are not there yet. Even though everyone goes through life as it is, how it’s accepted is dependent on where one is in their life. There’s no right or wrong in how things are dealt with because it’s determined by one’s conditioning. I know people get frustrated because I don’t always give the answers that are wanted, but that’s because I can’t. One can only see what’s within them and it’s not always what someone wants to accept. Accepting life as it is goes a long way in becoming liberated from the bondage of self and this acceptance will take seeing a diseased mind and body just as perfect as a healthy one.

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