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Jessy Mendiola Answered To The Question That Angel Locsin Deserves To Be A Part Of The FHM Hall of Fame!


In the showbiz is like politics that no one is permanent in this world but changed. Because there is a time when they are the enemy and after some time, it will come out that they are already friends.Showbiz wars and word fight is a normal thing in showbiz and rivalry between the celebrities is very common and natural. Recently the social media and the mainstream media itself flooded about the rivalry of the two famous actresses of the Kapamilya Network which was linked with Luis Manzano. Since they are part of the heart of the Star for All Season Son, their fans and supporters believe that there are some competition and rivalry between the two Hot Kapamilya star and FHM Magazine model Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. Remember that before Jessy Mendiola was the girlfriend of Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin is his lover. And almost the fans of both party were surprised when after the break up of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin, the present FHM sexiest star Jessy Mendiola reveals that she was dating with Luis Manzano.
And because of this story the supporters of Angel Locsin make-believe that the two hot Kapamilya star was in a rivalry. Because from the recent interviews of Angel Locsin she reveals the alleged unfaithfulness with her is the reason in their break ups.This issues of rivalry between the two circulating in the social and mainstream media for a quiet some time such as their post in Instagram and together with their supporters and fans have some fiery arguments regarding the rivalry.
But everything has an end, and it came from the claiming of Jessy Mendiola regarding Angel Locsin that she deserves to be an FHM Hall of Famer. Based on the online voting initial result Angel Locsin is in second place compared to Jessy Mendiola does not include in the top 10 list.And it came to one netizen a question to Jessy Mendiola of what she thinks regarding her Boyfriends previous lover Angel Locsin for getting the'FHM Hall of Fame" laurel.
Jessy Mendiola replied to the netizens controversial question shocked and surprised her fans and supporters and they did not expect that this was her answer
" ok lang, deserve naman niya yun"
Until now, Jessy Mendiola has not yet given any statement or post comments and updates on her social media account regarding her answer with the question of the netizen that shocked her fans.And even Angel Locsin has not yet responded about this answer of Jessy Mendiola. What can you say about this surprising answer of Jessy for Angel Locsin's additional laurel? How about you? Is Angel Locsin deserves to have a title of FHM Hall of Famer?


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