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IN VIDEO:Isang ina nanganganak sa labas ng ospital na nakatayo habang nagpark ang kanyang asawa

Women are incredibly strong. Way stronger than men. I’m not talking about max bench press reps or bladder capacity, because true, us y-chromosome carriers have females beat on that front.

What I am talking about is the ability to nurture, house, and create life. Oh and giving birth looks terribly, terribly painful.

And in some instances, squeeze that life out of you and into your hands in front of a hospital door, standing up, in the time it takes your husband to park the car.

That’s exactly what this mom, Jessica Stubbins did after going into labor. As the non-graphic video shows, when the baby’s ready, it’s ready fast.

Good Morning Britain featured the video and the birth starts at 1:15 in case you wanted to skip right to the good stuff. It’s over in literally seconds though, so keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss it.

The fairer sex is definitely the stronger sex.


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