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IN VIDEO: Walang ulong babae huli sa camera habang namamalantsa ng mga damit

Stories of the supernatural are abound on the internet, real or not. They are most often relayed in the form of pictures or Facebook posts, with a narrative accompanying the photo that shows the supposed evidence of the supernatural.

In more unusual (and scarier) cases, they are caught on video, where the occurrence is hard to refute. This is what happened to a video that was uploaded on YouTube by ‘The PINOY Channel.’ According to them, a seemingly headless woman was caught ironing clothes.

via The PINOY Channel

In fact, the very title of the video was “Babaeng Pugot ang Ulo Huli sa Video!” Their description? “Huling huli sa camera ang babae na walang ulo habang namamlantsa! Ito ay ipinalabas sa RATED K nung october 31.”

The headless woman made waves when it was aired on Rated K last October 31, 2016. It was the program’s segment for Halloween but until now, netizens still feel the chills down their spine whenever they see the headless woman.

According to the report by Korina Sanchez, the headless woman seemingly couldn’t accept the fact that she had died a sudden death. “May… gusto siyang ipahiwatig na hindi niya pa oras noong time na ‘yon,” Jericho Ibanez said. He is the paranormal expert invited by Korina.

The headless woman reportedly died a few days after she was caught on video doing chores. Experts claimed that the video of the headless woman couldn’t be thoroughly edited, as it is hard to “doctor” such a video.

Although the report wasn’t able to cite how exactly had the headless woman died, it is assumed that she died in an untimely accident of some sort. Her husband took the video of her few days before the tragedy occurred.

The photo above shows the woman with her husband and child before she lost her life in an accident.
This was not the first time that headless people have been caught on video and in photographs. The commonly believed superstition is that, if a person is headless in a picture or a video (even though that person is alive), then he or she might lose his or her own life soon.

However, if the person appears headless after his or her own death, then it might mean he or she wasn’t able to accept death so easily.


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