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IN VIDEO: Sapul sa cctv ang pagbubuwis buhay ng sekyu sa mga armadong lalaki

Security guard is one of the most underappreciated jobs in the Philippines. Most people look down on them and think that what these guys do is just stand up all day, check bags and people entering the premises. But these guards are hired for a primary reason – protect the place and keep the people inside safe from harm. This is precisely what this guard did when he engaged in a shootout with 2 armed men in an attempted robbery!
In this viral video, 2 men riding a motorcycle stopped outside a building. Still with his helmet on, one of the men walked towards the entrance and pulled his gun out. Fortunately, the security guard was quick on his feet and drew his own weapon. Good thing he has quicker hands; he managed to fire shots before the man did.
A shootout ensued. The man on the lookout ran outside to save his own life. A few moments later, the first man came out with gunshot wounds on his back. Their plan obviously backfired and one of them suffered heavier consequences. It’s just another day of work for the humble guard.
Netizens heaped praises on the security job for a job well done.

Watch the video below of the shooutout:

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