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IN VIDEO: Misis Pina-inum ng Bleach Ang Mistress Ng Mister Pagkatapos Nahuli sa Aktong Pagtatalik

According to a reported incident by CJ Torridad of GMA Dagupan in “24 Oras” last Monday, Gishiel Reyna forced Catryna, her husband’s mistress, to drink bleach after catching them cheating on act.

Upon entering the room, the investigator already recognized the smell of the bleach while catching Catryna washing in the comfort room because of the irritation.
"Pagpasok nung isang pulis woman natin naamoy na niya yung (bleep) sa loob ng kuwarto. Kaya nung hinanap niya yung biktima, nandun siya sa isang banyo at naghilamos kasi mainit na daw yung katawan dahil sa sinabuyan ng alleged na (bleep),” said Caoayan Police chief Sr. Insp. Federico Artates.
Reyna refuted the allegation accused to her and stated that the bleach was not hers but Catryna’s. She added that the mistress was already aware that they may be busted anytime so she always bring the spray with her which Domingo thought was an alcohol but actually an acid. She also said Catryna was the one who sprayed her first.
"Sa totoo lang hindi sa akin yung bleach, ako yung unang sinabuyan tapos kasi aware siya na siya yung kabit kaya lagi niyang dala yung spray na yun. Which is akala nung asawa ko alcohol pero asido pala,” Reyna said.
Reyna presented evidence which she said was enough to prove the crime that her husband and his mistress committed. One of the evidence was supposed to be the actual footage of the two having s*x but said that the mistress took the cell phone by force and deleted the video.
The legal wife is now facing a frustrated murder for attempting to poison Catryna but will file a counter case of concubinage against the two.


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