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IN VIDEO: GWARDYA KA LANG! NEGOSYANTE AKO! ang sabi ng babae sa isang gwardya matapos hindi pinadaan sa isang mall

GWARDYA KA LANG! NEGOSYANTE AKO! This Lady Degraded This Mall Guard After He Did Not Let Him Pass Through The Mall.
A Facebook Video is now viral after a "businesswoman" degraded a mall guard.
The security guard didn't allow the lady to pass through the mall because the mall is already close. The lady loses her temper and shouted that he is only a guard and bragging that she has a lot of branches in Manila.
Aside from that, the lady said on the video that she is on the same floor with Lim - maybe she is preferring to Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila.
Watch the viral video below:
LADY: Sino ka Gwardya ka lang!
Guard: Eh ano ngayon kung gwardya, ikaw sino ka?
LADY: Hoy! Negosyante ako! Negosyante ako! Marami akong branch dito sa Manila. HA! 
Guard: Sige na po Ma'am..
LADY: Diyan ako nakatira sa Legaspi Tower. KAPITBAHAY KO SI LIM! TARANTADO KA!
Guard: Tarantado ka rin..
LADY: Sira ulo ka! Anong pangalan niyan!


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