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EXTREMELY RARE PHENOMENON: Doctors Shocked After Discovering This Inside A Pregnant Woman’s Tummy!

Working in the medical field is never dull. You can discover new things that you wouldn’t expect and can sometimes be unbelievable.
In this case, a Spaniard mother who had twins due for delivery. The doctors delivered her twins through a cesarean section. Everything was happening normally, but then they found one of the twins covered in an amniotic sac.
According to attending doctors, once in every 80,000 births around the world this case happens.
An amniotic sac is a bag of fluid that is found inside the woman’s womb where the unborn baby grows and fully develops.
water breaking
Usually, the sac breaks apart as the baby is delivered. The process is called “water breaking.
In the video, uploaded by a Facebook fan page ‘Céu de Borboletas, the baby was seen lying down in a fetal position and made small movements within the sac. You can also see the bluish umbilical cord which is wrapped around the baby.
Many netizens were amazed and can’t believed this rarity can happen. One this is for sure, God is truly amazing.


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