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It’s very easy to see if the direction of your energy is pointing you to behaviors that are truly beneficial to you and humanity by the amount of peace there is in your life.

Certain energy produces more beneficial results than others. This doesn’t mean everything goes your way or life is the way you think it should be, it’s more so just to see if you can remain in your place of peace regardless of what happens. My life is far from being without its trials or exactly the way I think it should be, but I’ve reached a point where I can remain at peace for the most part, regardless of what happens. I may get thrown off by some things for a bit, but there’s an understanding and foundation of where I need to be if there’s to be peace in my life. People can be very trying, circumstances are constantly arising and changing, and sometimes unfortunate things just happen for no rhyme of reason, the main thing is to learn from them and although they may not be handled in a way that’s most beneficial at that time, if you learn something from it, next time they may be.

Life isn’t about doing it perfectly, to me it is about learning from what is done and changing the direction of energy so the same behavior isn’t repeated over and over. When life isn’t the way you want it, learn to move on. Trying to change things to your liking is a waste of energy and this is so even if it is to your liking. It’s always about being at peace regardless of what’s going on so if you’re only at peace when things are the way that you want them, to say the least there will be many conflicts and difficulties in your life. Look deeply into this, not to get down on yourself for the so called unwanted behavior, but to see how it’s this unwanted behavior that takes you from your place of peace.

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