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Conditioned Labeling Process

Seeing what’s truly going on in your life will take an open mind so a past label isn’t instantly applied when something arises. No label is needed for life to be, matter of fact labels restrict life.

If there’s a label instantly applied when something arises in life, it comes from some past conditioning that has a lock on it, just waiting for the opportunity to apply the label. This goes for just about anything that a person is attracted to. Whether it’s something you read, another person, food, music, or whatever, the conditioned label is already there just waiting to be applied. It’s not easy to see this, actually there are very few people that will ever see this and hence it’s why there’s so much conflict in the world. No label is needed for life to be, matter of fact labels are life’s restriction.

Early on when I began using social media to post my articles, I would engage in discussions with people who didn’t agree with what I wrote. It would usually turn into a social media argument with me defending my writings, this was due to the label being applied by all engaged in the discussion.
I’ve since learned to not apply a label when someone disagrees with what I write. A very important question I use to defuse my conditioning is, How important is it? This doesn’t usually sit well with the other person’s conditioned labeling process, and since I now know I can’t change how another person sees things, I find coming from a place where no label is applied is so much more conducive for me to remain in a place of peace. After all peace is all I ever wanted in my life, but because of applying a label to everything that arose, peace always eluded me. And just because I’m not agreed with, it doesn’t mean I have to apply a label to appease someone else’s conditioned labeling process. No label, know peace.

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