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Whatever you attach to becomes your bondage. If you don’t stop attaching and create some space to make room in your heart for stillness, you and the world will suffer, but you will suffer the most.

The choice to attach is unconsciously the choice to suffer and because one is unconscious there really isn’t a choice. This is because of the way one’s Conditioned Mind is in control so one’s suffering is inevitable because of the conditioned attachments that are in place. If this is to change you will have to make room in your heart so the attachments are replaced by stillness. There’s no way around this, attach to whatever the conditioning in place selects to use, just understand when that attachment is no more, something else will replace it. Today it’s our president, tomorrow it’s a co worker, or maybe the traffic, and the next day it’s something else, this goes on and on, ad infinitum. This will never change until there is space created in the heart that makes room for stillness and if you attach to one individual and bemoan them, then you don’t truly have the space for a still heart. This is strong language, but true.

One can only be still without the conditioning running the show. This is a truth the Conditioned Mind doesn’t allow to be seen. I can say I have stillness in my heart, but unless there is compassion for all beings this will not be true. I understand this and my responsibility is to not be a part of the attached conditioning. To attach is to suffer regardless of who or what one attaches to because it becomes your bondage and until this is understood you become the very thing that you attach to. This is just a part of the law of energy, you cannot be separate from the energy that is within you. Think about it, how can you? Please look within yourself and stop attaching. Make room in your heart for stillness because if you don’t, you and the world will suffer, but you will suffer the most.

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